Friday, June 28, 2013

Pacific Ocean

San Francisco - June 27th

After a week of public speaking engagements, presentations, and kissing babies, (did not actually kiss any babies) my last night in San Francisco had arrived. I wanted to do something special to signify the start of my trip, so I peddled down to Ocean Beach. At first, the ride was incredibly difficult. The hills in the city were insane, and as I felt myself slipping backwards I fearfully peddled harder. Then I got lost as my GPS suggested I take a trail that no longer existed. Despite such difficulties serendipitous events followed shortly there after. After the GPS malfunctioned I creating my own detour ended up on Haight Street in Haight Ashbury. Initially I had no idea where I was but thanks to a little good fortune and educated guessing I landed in one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. Next I made my way past Golden Gate Park and discovered some beautiful landscaping and museums that I never knew existed. The excitement was building and I could not believe all I had discovered. Then just as I contested that life could not get any better, I saw the Pacific Ocean. From a few miles away I could see the water off in the distance and I started to peddle faster. I forgot about being tired, I ignored my hunger from skipping dinner, I blocked everything out and focused solely on reaching that water. The last few hundred feet before the beach I hit the crescendo and as I witnessed the waves crashing down upon the shore, I realized that this was just the start of many great things to come. I dipped my bike into the ocean for good luck, and thought of all the beautiful things I was yet to discover.