Sunday, August 4, 2013


Despite historic bars, fine dinning, and extravagant shopping I was in Aspen for a much different purpose. I came to this vacation town to discuss service related opportunists  I wanted to learn about how others, who where generally more fortunate than most, felt about volunteering? I wanted to find out if tourists in this town were active in community service? And I wanted to get some input on the motivating factor that inspired active individuals to get involved in projects to assist others in need? I found exactly what I was looking for when I met Kathy, a message therapist who was also an avid humanitarian. Kathy travels to countries around the world and provides message services for individuals who struggle with hardship. She described her one of here more impact journeys when she when to Japan in 2011 after the Tsunamis  She spoke about the devastation and the people that she met during her travels. She worked on individuals how had been injured and she tended to those who had lost their homes. Kathy said it best when she remarked, "Weather I was physically healing their bodies or mentally lifting their spirits, I knew that I was making a positive difference in other's lives." It was an inspiring to discuss with Kathy and it gave me some much needed energy to continue on with my journey. When I struggle with cycling or tire of talking about my cycling journey, I focus on the purpose of my tour. This trip is not about myself and my accomplishments as a cyclist, but instead this is a trip to inspire others and spread awareness for Support My School.