Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indescribable Beauty

Carbondale - July 21st

On the way to Carbondale I went up and over McClure Pass and it was one of the most spectacular rides of my life. Surrounded by lush green trees and sharp cliffs I began to make my way up the mountain. The climb was rather steep, but I was becoming accustom to the elevation in Colorado by now. I had a good cadence going and without any breaks I made it to the summit. It was a breath taking view at the top, but no amount of description can accurately capture what I saw. It would be like describing an individual sunset. We can make comparisons or attempt to summarize, but it is impossible to duplicate the understanding of a specific experience.

After staring off into the horizon for a few moments, I became eager to make my decent down the other side of the mountain. There where many steep twists and turns and I easily hit 40 miles per hour as I zipped down the pass. Then all of a sudden, I ran into some heavy traffic. I slowed down only to discover a large semi-truck carrying an oversized load. The truck was holding up a line of car as it slowly crept around corners, but some of the traffic was daring enough to pass when they saw a small opening on the narrow road. Without hesitation I followed the cars ahead of me and I quickly passed the massive truck. Once I reached the bottom of the pass I saw the brilliant red rocky mountains that squeezed the road on both sides. With the sun setting over the red cliffs that surrounded me and the adrenalin rush from the great decent, I lost tract of my tired body. The scenery over-load allowed me to hit my second wind, and I cycled into Carbondale with no recollection of exhaustion.