Sunday, August 18, 2013


Topeka / Lawrence - August 4th

Working my way through Kansas I became eager to share the message of Support My School with someone other than a bail of hay. So I got an early start and road into Topeka just after 10:00AM. At first it was a ghost town, and as I cycled down the main drag I could hear a pin drop. I stopped for breakfast in a local diner and I learned all about the history of Kansas's state capital. I also learned about the farmers market that was going on just down the street. As it was described to me, people came from near and far to exchange produce and discuss the pride of Kansas, The Rock Chalk Jayhawks. I had to get a look for myself and so I made my way down to the parking-lot produce party. There was definitely a wide verity of spirited individuals and I have never seen so much home grown produce in my life. I had a quick sample of the greens, talked hoops with the locals, and then made my off to a meeting at Washburn University. After sharing Support My School with students at the international house in Washburn I went east to Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence was by far my favorite city in the entire state. The people where personable and polite, and it seemed like there was never a dull moments. Most of all I enjoyed spending time with some of the students at KU. Normally when I speak with a group of students I just meet them on campus, but the Kansas student service group suggested that we meet a restaurant called the Casbah. I was excited to see the city with the group and they where more than delighted to show me around. After exploring Mass Street, a main student hang out, we venture onto campus. The students gave me a short tour, and than we discussed service and Support My School. I had never spent time with a more hospitable group, and I admired how active the students where in their local community.