Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mile High City

Denver - August 2nd

My Aunt Ann lives in Denver and she was very excited for me to stay with her while I was in town. I rarely get to see my Aunt and I'll admit I was pretty existed to see her too. It was relief spending time with family and knowing that the most difficult riding was already behind me. I felt like everything was down hill after completing a cycle through the rocky mountains. It was as if the trip was almost over and I became very reflective on how far I had come to reach this point. Luckily, I had several important meetings in town that forced me to snap back to reality. Talking about Support My School got me back on track and I realized that I had many more people to reach out to. In fact, one of my best talks of the entire tour came while visiting a non-profit called Water for People. It was a very knowledgeable group who had worked to provide clean drinking water in impoverished countries around the world. I gave a solid 15 min speech on behalf of Support My School and I was very impress with how my talks had improved throughout the tour. I recalled my earlier talk that ended rather quickly, but now my talks where strong and informative.