Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dogs and a Dirt Road

Kansas City - August 6th

Departing from the University of Kansas the weather was perfect and the skies where clear as far as the eye could see. Then just as I contested that life could not get any better I hit a bump in the road. In fact, I hit many bumps in the road as I turned onto a rock covered surface. In mapping out my route I looked for roads with less traffic, but unfortunately not all of the those quite roads are paved. This gravely dirt road made riding very slow and uncomfortable, but I had to trek onward past the miles and miles of farm land. After about 2 hours of bouncing along and riding through wide open fields I cycled up to a small blue house. Just as I pasted by the front door 4 dogs came bursting out of the yard and chased after me on the dirt road. I yelled to scare the dogs of but these persistent mutts would not quit. The big brown dogs ran along side me and I could see them getting ready to nip at my heals. I'm not sure that I have ever been more afraid in my life, and with everything I had I sprinted ahead on the bike. I created a gap between myself and the dogs and after about a quarter mile they finally gave up and faded away into the distance. After the dogs and an awful dirt road I could not have been more revealed to reach Kansas City. I was also relieved to see the familiar face of my Xavier University classmate, Jenny Martin. When Jenny first heard that I was cycling across country to raise awareness for a non-profit organization she quickly offered me a place to stay. I got to meet the entire family, and they where very excited to hear more about Support My School. I felt right at home with the Martins, and it was great to share the message of Support My School in a welcoming family environment.