Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Different Perspective

St. Louis - August 12th

Its amazing how a stranger can travel to strange places and feel welcome. Throughout this journey people asked me if I felt lonely, board, or even vulnerable? Most people didn't seem to understand why I would want to bicycle across the county. Some couldn't fathom being away from home for over 2 months. Others didn't grasp the need to improve conditions in India, when there are many issue in the United States that need attention. At times this journey may have been misunderstood but it was critical for me to ignore the doubt and focus on my primary goal. That goal was to raise awareness for Support My School. When I first discovered this organization I was inspired by their efforts to strengthen communities and develop opportunities for children. I'll admit there where some difficult times, but I stayed true to my purpose. I thought about all of the people that where counting on me in the Support My School organization, and I continued on knowing that my efforts impacted others in a positive way. When I spoke in St. Louis I didn't talk about how difficult it was or how I missed home. Instead I emphasized how everyday was a new adventure, and how I felt liberated in sharing my experiences with others. I spoke about the kindness of strangers and the caring people that I met along the way. I tried to explain the beauty of nature and how I was motivated to climb mountains when it was surrounded by nothing but complete wilderness. St. Louis was a large city with a small town feel. With its many different ethnic neighborhood and a diverse population, it seemed like no one was excluded. This open environment shifted the discussion in my presentation, and as a result I felt more comfortable in sharing some details on the beauty that inspired me throughout my journey.