Thursday, September 12, 2013

State Fair and The Old Trail

Sedalia - August 8th

 Crossing over the boarder and into Missouri, I was very excited to make my way through yet another state. My first stop was Sedalia, a rather small and uneventful town in Missouri. Well, ordinarily it is rather uneventful, but for a few days in early August its becomes one of the hottest spots in the entire state. Sedalia is home to the annual Missouri State Fair and people come from near and far in order to share this grand celebration. I thought I was just another face in the crowd as I cycled into town, but I was quickly recognized by the driver of a small yellow car. I was stopped at a red light when the driver pulled up next to me and said, "hey your that kid I heard about on the radio, we passed about 30 miles ago!"I thanked him for passing carefully, and I told him about how I was cycling across the country to raise awareness for educational conditions in India.He said that he heard about my story on a local radio station, and he was shocked to meet me on the road. As the light changed green and we parted ways, the man wished me luck and yelled out "enjoy the fair." I continued onward, and just after the fair grounds I found one of the most important trails of my entire journey.