Friday, September 13, 2013

The Katy trail to MizzOU and Beyond

Columbia - August 9th

I found the trail that I would travel on over the next 4 days. I found the trail that I would use to cross the entire state of Missouri. I found the Katy trail. It was an old railroad track that had been converted to a bike trail about 30 years ago. The trail wasn't paved, instead it had a thin chip-seal kind of gravel. The path was dusty but it was certainly much safer than the road. There was almost no one on the path and the was constant shade from the tick canopy of trees that flanked both sides of the trail. It was like traveling down a tunnel with an endless strait away.
After miles and miles on the mundane trail I made my way to Columbia, the place I consider to be the true heart of Missouri. It was a combination of a quaint cultured town, with a fair dose of college influence. The town was filled with historic buildings and family owned businesses. The college campus grounds where detailed with beautiful landscaping and a cluster of exquisite monuments. The most beautiful of all were the great stone pillars that stood tall in the center of campus. It was this atmosphere of kind people and the illustrious scenery that help prepared me for my next talk. I gave my next speech on behalf of Support My School at the outdoor circular amphitheater on campus. The sound was ineradicable and as I spoke my voice was amplified by the surrounding walls. The crowd of Mizzou students seemed to share an enthusiasm for service and I was proud to share the message of Support My School with such a receptive group.