Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rain Motivation

Duchesne & Roosevelt - July 12th

I spent the night at a bed and breakfast in a secluded valley off Hwy 40. There was no internet connection, no cell phone service, and the front yard consisted of a lama farm. It was not like the typical place I was accustomed to staying but it was incredibly peaceful.  Off the grid I enjoyed a quiet evening of much needed rest and the next morning I had breakfast with the owners of the property. I told the elderly couple about Support My School and some of the difficulties throughout my journey thus far. Despite a few setbacks, with directions and flat tires, the weather had been spectacular. In fact, it hadn't rained one drop the entire trip. just before I left, I said, "I could use a little rain to keep me honest this trip has been too easy." Then I mad my way down the driveway and as soon as I hit the road it started to rain. It was a torrential downpour with gusts of wind that pushed me backwards. As the rain crashing down upon me I made my way back to Hwy 40. The roads where slick and breaking quickly was dangerous. Giant oil trucks raced past me and splashed me with a mist of road water. Despite the poor weather the rain gave me energy and the passing traffic fueled my motivation. I took the conditions as a personal challenge and after ever truck passed I began to peddle faster. I reached Duchenne much earlier than scheduled so I had lunch at a local diner that had been in business for over 80 years. After speaking with several locals and learning about their community I continued another 30 miles to Roosevelt. It was very interesting talking about Support My School in the small towns that I had never visited before.