Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Temple

July 8th - Salt Lake City
This afternoon I met with a group of missionaries in Temple Square and exchanged stories. I was very interested to learn more about Mormon traditions and I wanted to share my work with Support My School. I learned that mission trips are optional and after praying to God for guidance, each individual decides on whether or not a service journey is right for them. In addition, mission trips are generally far away from home, and service related activities in those locations generally provide unique perspectives. These religious journeys embody particular values and through their dedication to service  individuals exhibit a devotion to their faith. While my journey isn't not religious, in many ways it seams like my cycling tour is similar to the Mormon's mission trip. I believe in the values and results of the Support My School campaign, and that is why I am dedicating my time and efforts to a cycling awareness tour. Also, I am finding that on a tour to spread the message of Support My School, I am learning more about my own beliefs and values. There is a great feeling of reassurance when I talk about Support My School and I know that my service is making a difference. The missionaries described this feeling of reassurance, as God's  way of encouraging you to continue on the path that your meant to travel.