Thursday, July 25, 2013

Over 90 Miles in one day

On the way to Grand Junction - July 16th

Woke up at 6:00am with no alarm feeling very focus and ready to attack the most difficult ride of the entire tour. Today was the day that I circled on my calendar. I had been imaging this ride for weeks and I thought it would be one of the greatest challenges of my life. This ride was of particular importance because I had to cycle a great distance and there would be no place to stop in between. I would have to cycle a stretch between Rangely and Grand Junction Colorado where there was no hotel, restaurant, or gas station for 75 miles. I pictured it as pure abandon desert. I would have to carry all of my food and water for the day and there would be no where to stop for a bathroom break. I was nervous at first but I said a prayer, trusted my preparation, and got mentally focused. I started out the ride with a great deal of confidence, and I was feeling competitive as I raced the first 20 miles. Next I tried to ignore the mileage and focused on my breaking and keeping a steady pace. I stopped for a short lunch break after 38 miles and I sat in the grass next to the road. As I ate my sandwich free range cattle grazed in the field behind me, and I was amazed by the surrounding wilderness. After lunch I began my climb over Douglas Pass. I when over an elevation of over 8,000ft and it was an incredibly steep climb to reach the summit. There where times where I thought about quitting, but I pushed through the pain and continued onward. Over the next several miles I costed down the other side of the mountain and made my way closer to my final destination. After 65 miles of riding I had been through ever emotion. I was energized at the start, exhausted after climbing the pass, and amazed by the beautiful scenery I passed. The last 10 Miles before town I completely cleared my mind. It didn't think about my body, the miles, or my speed. I just floated along surrounded in nature, and I felt like it was just me and God. After 75 miles I reached a small gas station in Loma and took an hour long water break. I felt well rested and I was excited that I had complete the most challenging ride thus far. I was re-energized, and I cycled another 18 miles to reach Grand Junction.