Sunday, July 14, 2013

Public Speaking

July 6th - Reno

After cycling the back roads in the heat of the day I finally reached Reno Nevada. I was drained after a long day on the bike and I was starving for a good home cooked meal. I checked into the Wildflower Hostel and just a few doors down I came across an authentic Italian restaurant. Fresh pasta and carb loading was just what the doctor ordered so I hastily mad my way inside. I was not in a very talkative mood so I planned to sit alone at the bar and enjoy a quiet meal to myself. Despite my original intentions, I ended up meeting a girl who was also an active public speaker. She traveled through small towns in Nevada and spoke about the dangers of eating disorders with high school students. She struggled with anorexia as a teenager and after overcoming her eating disorder, she felt compelled to share her story with others. Her travels seemed similar to my own in many ways. While we spoke on behalf of different causes we were both inspired to spread awareness and serve others. She told me that at first she was afraid of public speaking, but she overcame her fears because her message is too important to keep to herself. I agreed wholeheartedly and I told her that our courage to share our messages with others is much stronger than our individual fears.