Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Cycle with limited Experience

July 5th - Carson City

After a favorable experience with in Lake Tahoe, I decided to try it again in Carson City. I stayed with a delightful family who hosted over 100 touring cyclists over the years. The family had many quinine stories to share with me and I was interested to hear about the other riders that passed through. Some cycled for a cause, a few for recreation, and one cycled to fulfill a lifelong dream at age 60. Although the family had met many cyclists over the years, they never met a cyclist with such little experience. They explained that most of the people that they had encountered were either life long cyclists or members of an organized group. I have only been cycling for three months, and I had no prior experience with a road bike or any kind of bike that shifted more than six gears. The family was shocked that I was embarking on this journey for Support My School, and they asked me what inspired me to cycle across the country all of a sudden? I explained how I truly believe in the fundamentals of Support My School. Ideals of education, continuous improvement, service, and community interaction. It was a combination of these principles along with the positive results that Support My School has had on communities in India that inspired me to become active with the initiative. This campaign has inspired me to spread awareness and cycle across the country, and even though I lack experience I am dedicated to learning all that I can.