Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Provo - July 10

Before heading off to Heber, I gave talk with a group of students at Brigham Young University. In the months leading up to the trip I spent a great deal of time and effort in planning my route and scheduling speaking engagements. In order to choose the stops on my route I selected the largest cities that afforded the most public speaking opportunities. Next Coca-Cola and I reached out to local television stations, radio stations, corporations, churches, charities, and universities. It was difficult at times to schedule speaking appointments, but with a great deal of persistence, and perhaps a little good fortune, we began to receive positive responses. A few weeks before reaching Provo several students in the office of student involvement at BYU replied to my public speaking inquiry and agreed to host a discussion with me on campus. During my talk I explained the purpose of Support My School and discussed the progress that the campaign has made thus far. After my speech the students shared with me some of the other service related projects that they had been involved in and how they contributed to similar education related efforts. The students were very interested in improving education internationally, and they seemed very excited to hear about Support My School. After our discussion came to a close a few of the students showed me around campus. While visiting the football stadium we ran into some alumni. Before I knew it we were all talking like old friends, and I it was incredible to see the interaction between past and present BYU students. The two groups of student came from different eras, but both shared an incredible pride for their university, and an even great compassion for serving others and sharing their values.