Monday, July 15, 2013

Tongan Efforts for Support My School

July 9th - Provo

In Provo I stayed with a friend from Xavier University, and her entire family welcomed me into their home with open arms. From meeting the parents, to singing with the small brothers and sisters I instantly felt like I was part of the family. We prepared a great Tongan dinner and I have never tasted better chicken in my life. Then the grandmother played the ukulele for me and told me about their families heritage. When it came time for me to share my journey and message for Support My School the family was all ears. After many questions and ideas of ways that they would like to get involved in the campaign, Uncle J. jokingly said that we should build schools in Tonga. I explained that Support My School is primarily based in India, but their is a plan to expand into other countries. This journey is not only about improving conditions in India. I have been inspired to contribute to the educational effort in India, but as I explained to Uncle J. our individual efforts are not only limited to India. Whether its a local community initiative or a project in Tonga every bit of effort makes a positive difference. We can revitalize education on a global scale, but it will take the efforts of many individuals and the collaboration of many communities. I have been inspired to devote my serviced to the revitalization of education in India, and the family was glad to help me spread the message for Support My School.